ProBlogBuilders is a business.

I use a lot of tools to grow my online businesses and I often recommend that my readers use those tools. More often than not, I am compensated when a reader purchases one of those tools. This method is called affiliate marketing and it’s the main revenue sources for ProBlogBuilders.

Markup Of Tools

When I recommend that you use a tool, I make sure that the price you pay is exactly the same as it would be if I was not compensated. In fact, at times, I can secure a BETTER deal for you, if you go through my links. While these purchases will be delivered at no additional cost to you, I understand if you do not want to use my affiliate links and therefore give me affiliate commissions. Feel free to still use any information that you find useful on this site. I sincerely hope that I can help you out.

My Philosophy On Recommending Products

I believe 100% in not recommending products that I haven’t tried myself. Most of the products I try, I don’t recommend. The few of them that make the cut, I am standing behind.

I believe that if you really like and value a product, you should recommend it to others so they too, can benefit. You should also try to be compensated for that recommendation.

Since a lot of the products that I recommend are free, I don’t receive any compensation for many of the tools and services I recommend.

If you are uncomfortable with my belief system on this, I understand 100%. I wouldn’t click on my links to find a product if you don’t want me to receive compensation. Feel free to just simply buy the product directly.

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